Summit Series

Summit Series is proud to
announce Summit Basecamp.

Inspiration at altitude.

About the Event
VISION Over the past four years, Summit Series has strived to create inspiring events that foster collaboration and creativity. This year, deep in the snow covered mountains around Lake Tahoe, 650 leaders in business, philanthropy, science, technology and the arts will convene for four days. Attendees will chart their own course through inspiring discussions and adventurous activities. There are no lectures, only two-way conversations. There are no spectators, only active participants. There are no limits, only opportunities.
ETHOS Summit Basecamp is inspired by the concept of the open flame. A flame attracts people, community, It also radiates warmth, light, comfort, and inspiration. At Summit Basecamp you'll discover these same qualities in the people, the discussions, the performances and activities.

It's a place where you can hit dawn patrol with the first person to ski down Mt. Everest, learn how to blueprint your company's successful exit in the afternoon, re-imagine the American city over dinner, and dance to the best musical performers in the world when the sun goes down.

At Summit Basecamp leaders share knowledge and build relationships that drive global innovation.
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